Transformational Leadership Course(TLC)

A journey within…


Transformation in the behavioural context denotes ‘change within’. Based on this premises TLC helps individuals comprehend their latent skills and in a concerted manner optimize it for a faster career growth, more so, experience an enriched life in totality. Through TLC, one discovers inner qualities and talents that can be developed and strengthened. Through TLC, one gets a new direction in life, thus making life meaningful and an exciting adventure. TLC is holistic in that it helps develop in all the important facets of life; Personal, Family, Professional, Social and Spiritual.

TLC inculcates high performance behaviours in the participants by:

  • Developing the skill to think
  • Developing the will to influence
  • Achieving excellence in one’s own endeavours
  • Helping others to touch their excellence

TLC deals with the whole person and the “causes” that produce lasting changes. TLC seeks to bring out the best in people, to help them become the men and women they admire to be.

Benefits in a nutshell:

  • Increasing self-confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Greater skill in presenting ideas and programs
  • Inspiring others to get things done
  • Making sound decisions even under pressure
  • Talking with more poise and confidence
  • New confidence and techniques in public speaking.
  • Improving human relations and team work
  • Initiating interesting conversation and keeping it going.
  • Overcoming tension resulting from worry
  • Strengthening family ties, friendship, associations
  • Making living more interesting and satisfying
  • Maintaining positive attitudes about people and situations


TLC consists of fourteen sessions – 3½ hours each session – spread over five weeks – conducted generally in the evenings. On the fourteenth session, participants who meet the standards set in the program are given course completion certificate.


TLC is conducted as open program with a heterogeneous mix of participants. The batch generally comprise of corporate executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and adults from various walks of life. The program is highly intensive with individual and group participation.

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