Sales Pro – High Five Steps to Selling

The Indian market scenario has grown exponentially over the past years. This trend is going to continue and the pace of consumerisation is only expected to gain further momentum in course of the coming years, the increasing buying power and the very many buying options available to the consumers has added to the complexity of a sales professional . It is therefore high time today sales personnel buy them the place of honor and authority in a highly competitive market environment.

The course Objective:

Many field sales executives are set loose on their assigned territories armed only with a few sales tips and some information about the products and services they’re selling. An important characteristic of a highly effective field sales executive is their ability to efficiently plan their sales approach for existing customers and prospects. It is imperative to build the foundation for a strategy that changes the customer’s perception of the salesperson from a mere vendor to a consultant.

The course benefits:

  • Establish rapport
  • Plan and execute effective sales talk
  • Apply five great steps to selling
  • Turning objections into buying opportunities
  • Objective questioning to diagnose and identify problems and needs
  • Sell in a more orderly and persuasive manner
  • Set life’s goal and maintain effective control system
  • Be and remain enthusiastic
  • Sell to important people with self-confidence
  • Attain positive attitude to selling and career
  • Developing a professional approach to selling

Course wares:

The course contains practical course wares, follow-up tools for implementation of the learning, booklets for constant reference and a comprehensive hundred page sales manual.

Delivery Methodology:

Instructor-led classroom sessions for activity based learning and e-learning for self-learning
Sales Pro Online – Demo Sales Profession High-Five Steps to Selling

  • The delivery methodology will have a unique blend of training and facilitation to impart the new skills and sales concepts and unearth the learning by open discussions and through activity based learning. Group and individual presentation will be predominant in the training sessions.
  • Participants will be given e-learning access for duration of three months for self-learning


A batch of 15 to 20 participants will be covered in 2 to 3 days of 8 hours each day. The duration can be customized to client requirement.


The Sales Pro curriculum enables participants to explore new and better ways to sell their product or service. They will prove themselves in a competitive class room atmosphere as well as in a stiffer competitive market place. This will help them achieve both the objectives personal and organizational. A training curriculum of such a magnitude is bound to transform the attitude of a sales person from that of a mere vendor to a buyer’s consultant.

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