Living Light

A submission

Lord, I thank you for this life, a chosen gift from you;

My life, a living light, is ever connected to you the everlasting light.

Let the light of my life dispel the darkness of ignorance;

And guide humanity to experience you the everlasting light.

Let the light of my life be energized by your cosmic love;

Living saturated and socked in your love;

Let my life be love personified.

Expressing every word and action loaded with love.

Let the light of my life be lived with intensity of passion;

Radiating and benefitting humanity as a whole.

Let my family be the center of my life and not the circumference;

Seeing your whole creation is one big family.

Let the light of my life be glorious, filled with compassion;

Generations to come will experience its glorious effect.

Let my life magnetize many to you;

To experience you the all permeating light.

Let the light of my life experience holistic abundance;

I will never lack neither health nor wealth.

Let my life be a positive event;

Being blessed I will be a blessing to many.

Let the light of my life transcend all barriers;

Not bound by any formations and experience liberation.

Let my life be lived searching and seeking you alone;

Being matured I will guide others to maturity.

Let the light of my life, light millions that come my way;

For I lose nothing in lighting another in this journey of life.

Let my light so shine that people thank you.

Guard me and guide me for I seek to do your will alone.

@idj associates

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