About Us


“We human being possess enormous potential; Realizing it is true excitement;

Maximizing it is our birth right”.

IDJ Associates, a management consulting firm specializes in conducting high impact training programs on behavioral science, with an objective of helping people maximize their dormant potential. IDJ Associates engages with professionals who possess expertise in designing, developing and delivering behavioral science and functional skills training programs, workshops and seminars.

Courses offered:

Transformational Leadership Course (TLC) a journey within…

An intensive self-developing training program helps to tap into the dormant potential and maximize it for personal growth and professional excellence

Sales Pro – High Five Steps to Selling Course

Helps direct selling salespeople develop a professional approach to selling and maximize sales productivity and faster career growth.

Trendsetter – Managerial and Leadership Effectiveness Course

Enables entrepreneurs and managers develop people’s skills and achieving optimum results by getting the best out of the workforce.


“Helping people experience transformation by tapping into their dormant potential through concerted training for endearing success and lasting happiness.”

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