IDJ Associates

IDJ Associates, a management consulting firm specializes in conducting high impact training programs on behavioral science, with an objective of helping people maximize their dormant potential. IDJ Associates engages with professionals who possess expertise in designing, developing and delivering behavioral science and functional skills training programs, workshops and seminars.

Courses offered Transformational Leadership Course (TLC) a journey within… An intensive self-developing training program helps to tap into the dormant potential and maximize it for personal growth and professional excellence an enriched life in totality. Through TLC, one discovers inner qualities and talents that can be developed and strengthened.

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Insights : Being Responsive

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  • The quality of attitude is determined by the quality of thoughts with which a situation is approached. Approach can either be responsive or reactive. Responsive approach is imperative.

  • Listening and evaluating is responsive behaviour. Jumping to conclusion is reactive behaviour. Response has its roots in patience. Reaction has its roots in panic.

  • Responding to life’s situations are amiable traits leading to emotional stability. Reactive behaviours are ominous signs of emotional vulnerability. Respond ever and react never.

  • Restfulness is powerfulness; Restlessness is powerlessness. To be restful be responsive.

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Vision & Mission

"We human being possess enormous potential; Realizing it is true excitement; Maximizing it is our birthright".

"Helping people experience transformation by tapping into their dormant potential through concerted training for endearing success and lasting happiness."

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"Don't just invest in assets for yourself; instead invest in yourself and make yourself an asset. Investment in self-development helps reap rich dividends. It is said, "When an egg is broken from outside force a life is lost, when the same egg is broken from an inside force a life is born. Transformation is a force from within, such a force creates leaders. Listen to a few leaders.



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